March 17, 2022

A Founder’s Journey: HighTide

Adrian Santiago Tate


Adrian Santiago Tate - CEO and Co-Founder of HighTide

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Flooding is a large and expensive threat on the horizon. According to Nature Communications, 410M people are living in areas that will be below sea level by 2100. While $200B in U.S. coastal real estate is at risk of coastal flooding by 2050, according to Zillow and Climate Central. Such compelling impacts to coastal communities […]

Guest Bio

Adrian Santiago Tate - CEO and Co-Founder of HighTide

Adrian Santiago Tate is the CEO and Co-Founder of HighTide. HighTide was founded in 2019 after receiving the TomKat Center’s Innovation Transfer grant and in 2021 became an operating company of Echelon. Adrian is a Floridian raised in the Netherlands who earned a Civil Engineering B.S. from Virginia Tech and Geophysics M.S. from Stanford. Adrian has investigated the socioeconomic impacts of flooding in Hawaii and Sri Lanka as Horton Fellow. He has published tsunami mitigation research in PNAS and sea level rise impacts in Earth’s Future. Adrian also led technical development of the Stanford Urban Risk Framework, winner of the Stanford Water Hackathon and Microsoft AI for Earth grant.


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