Stanford News Highlights Sea Level Rise Study

Adrian Santiago Tate

(EVANSTON, WYOMING, August 6, 2021)

A study co-led by HighTide CEO Adrian Santiago Tate on the impact of sea level rise has been highlighted by Stanford News after the findings were published in the journal Earth’s Future.

The study titled “Rising Seas, Rising Inequities? Communities at Risk in the San Francisco Bay Area and Implications for Adaptation Policy” was the focus of two Stanford News articles.

The article drew attention to the paper’s findings that sea level rises may worsen existing inequalities in the San Francisco Bay area. The full article can be found here.

“Four years ago, I joined an interdisciplinary initiative at Stanford University to quantify sea level rise vulnerability and highlight potential environmental injustice concerns in the Bay Area over the coming decades,” Adrian said. “My role was leading the development of the software needed to conduct the economic and socioeconomic impact analysis, which now drives the Flood Risk Engine at HighTide.”

HighTide is an Echelon operating company.

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About HighTide
Our mission is to help communities adapt to sea level rise cost-effectively. We help municipalities and property owners leverage data to implement sea level rise adaptation and mitigation strategies that build resilience.