Our Ecosystem

  We’ve built a toolkit of industry leaders, partners and talent.

Echelon offers a shared company building toolkit for creating companies both with and without venture capital. We know the world’s best talent values extra freedom to build things in their own way, from wherever they are.

The Ecosystem Effect

Collectively we have spent more than 10 years building a strong technical and capital network that consists of a toolkit of industry leaders, partners and talent in a decentralized ecosystem not tied down by geography or stage. This network covers everything a company needs to go from 0 to 100. It also covers a multitude of what we call “Centers of Excellence” – our core technical building blocks.

Echelon is our mechanism to capitalize on the network: creating a strong, interconnected, company-building engine positioned to execute on important problems in data and climate. The core building blocks are; our network, Capital sources and strategies that will span the lifetime of companies within Echelon, Deep technical expertise focused on data science, and strong operating company credentials to build sustaining businesses, free from external dependencies.

As Echelon becomes successful, we will be creating immense value and sharing the upside with all individual contributors to the Echelon engine. The output of these combined building blocks is the unique opportunity of having ownership in generation-defining companies. 

This, we call The Ecosystem Effect 

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