Cody Friesen

About the company

Source creates hydropanels that produce clean drinking water anywhere in the world. Source water can be produced on-site without any infrastructure, removing the logistics and cost of water delivery while promoting long-term health and wellness through readily available drinking water.


Professor of Innovation at Arizona State University comes up with a novel combination of solar thermal and solar photovoltaics to produce liquid water from air. Forms company to commercialize this technology.

Support provided

  • Strategic Guidance
    Impact: Installed In 45 Countries
    Source continually iterated its business model with the help of an Echelon advisor to create custom solutions for a wide range of needs and geographies.
  • Seed Capital
    Impact: $100M Follow-On Capital Raised
    Echelon Capital provided the first institutional investment. Firms such as Blackrock Innovation Capital Group, Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Duke Energy, Material Impact Fund, 3×5 Partners, Baruch Future Ventures, and many more have followed on through subsequent rounds of investment.
  • Software Development
    Impact: Network Operating Center
    Source leveraged technical resources to develop software systems for data collection and operational control of all on-site hardware. These systems give Source full visibility and control from their central Network Operating Center.

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