Pie Insurance

About the company

Pie provides workers compensation insurance directly to small businesses. Pie has redesigned the insurance experience from quote to claim to provide quote in as little as three minutes.


Insurance industry veterans with unique datasets and distribution channels come together to offer a better workers compensation insurance product. Their approach creates a network effect that is well suited to a venture growth model.

Support provided

  • Echelon Playbook
    Impact: Fastest Insurtech Company To $100M In Written Premium
    Echelon helped bring together technical leadership, underwriting capital, and operating experience from top insurance organizations. Pie has expanded to offer workers’ compensation in 36 states and the District of Columbia.
  • Seed Capital
    Impact: $300M Follow-On Capital Raised
    Echelon Capital provided the first $1.5M of institutional investment. Firms such as Gallatin Point Capital, Greycroft, SVB Capital, Aspect Ventures, Elefund, Sirius Group International Ltd., and many more have followed on through subsequent rounds of investment.
  • Technical Capabilities
    Impact: Automation Categorization
    Pie leveraged data science resources to build Natural Language Processing models that automate worker categorization. These models quickly and accurately created dynamic pricing, enabling Pie to offer real-time insurance quotes.

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