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Brian Rohr

About the company

Scientists everywhere are working on solutions to a wide variety of problems, and to do that more efficiently, they want to ask more questions of their data and use their data in new ways. However, scientific data is complex, and organizing it on a large scale is not a trivial task. Furthermore, the scientists themselves often end up doing at least some of the data organization work even though it is not what they are trained in and generally not what they are interested in.

Modelyst implements data pipelines for R&D teams so that their scientific data can be used as effectively as possible. Simply put, Modelyst does the dirty data organization work so that scientists can spend all of their time on what they are experts in. It isn’t glamorous work – it’s just useful, and it doesn’t need to be oversold.



Being a standalone, very early stage startup, Modelyst had a few initial clients but needed a few more clients to get on their feet. They stood at a juncture where one failed contract could’ve meant the end of the company. The risk had started to stress out some founding members who had important life decisions to make and more personal responsibilities on the horizon.


Support provided

  • Financial Resiliency through a pre-approved loan
    : Took away the pressure of immediate cash gains for sustenance
    The co-founders were able to plan on a stable salary backed not only through their company’s revenue but also by a pre-approved loan from a pool of money that all Echelon entities contribute to.

    Furthermore, it has allowed (and will continue to allow) the startup to stay alive long enough for it to seize its opportunity to grow, whenever that opportunity comes.

  • Connections and Credibility
    Impact: Sales opportunities and conversions
    Through its network, Echelon was able to generate warm customer introductions for the Modelyst team. Such leads are always much more promising than cold reach-outs.
  • Assistance with marketing
    Impact: A Professional Brand Image
    The founders being from tech backgrounds had little know-how on how to position their company to the customers and drive sales. Echelon’s marketing experts provided support in terms of a professional pitch deck and website to help the team carry a powerful brand image in the initial periods of sales outreach.

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