"I have been empowered to build Aionics, Inc. in the way, and at the pace, that has worked best for us. Echelon has been in the background every step of the way ensuring I have the necessary tools that we need to be successful."
Austin Sendek

About the company

Aionics is on a mission to enable a net-zero-carbon world by speeding up the transition to an all electric future. To help scientists speed up the process of identifying the right materials and processes for battery technology (a critical technology for storing renewable electricity), Aionics provides an A.I. platform and professional consulting services that help battery manufacturers, OEMs, and end users leverage the power of data


CEO was a Stanford Applied Physics Ph.D. faced with a decision point:

  • Raise seed funding to start a business-requiring VS $$ and loss of flexibility
  • Take a CSO style role at a growing startup-working for someone else
  • Build a company internally with Echelon-requiring customer critical mass $$ so by choosing to work with Echelon CEO gained access to Echelon clients and tools, support on consulting, expanded shared services, and uncapped compensation determined by own P&L

Support provided

  • Connections
    Impact: Successful Launch
    2018: As an EIR with Echelon Founder Joel Moxley, CEO gained critical access to mentors and early consulting projects to identify market needs.
  • Seed Capital with Operating Flexibility
    Impact: Meaningful company building
    2019: With revenue shortfall protection, CEO had the freedom to establish credibility and iterate value proposition without timeline constraints. This operating flexibility allowed Aionics to create an open source COVID-19 drug discovery tool and build non-revenue generating academic tools for materials research at Stanford, with a focus on long term growth.
  • Echelon Toolkit
    Impact: Strengthened Company’s Offering
    2020: Leveraging Echelon’s shared internal company building toolkit has allowed for agile software development and data scraping initiatives – which helped the company build features that are now key parts of their offering.
  • Network Effect
    Impact: Credibility and Growth
    2021: By leveraging the credibility of the Echelon network, Aionics has been able to reach new customers and establish an advisory board with esteemed leaders from both industry and academia.

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