The Importance of Data Quality

We discussed how data is used for startup applications in our recent Data Science Essentials for Startups: Where to Start and How To Prioritize webinar. Facial recognition, robotics, and other cutting-edge A.I. technologies rely on large data sets to make better decisions faster. However, many startups are so eager to implement data-driven solutions that they […]

Four Companies Making Sustainable Change in Battery and Electric Vehicle Technologies

When we think of the climate crisis, we often focus on energy usage. The reliance on architecture and transportation with fossil fuels is increasingly dangerous, but also one of the prime opportunities for innovation in the modern world. The markets for electric vehicles, flight, power grids, and personal devices are rapidly expanding, and consumers are […]

Five Companies Solving Our World’s Most Complex Data Problems

Echelon is highly focused on solving data problems. In today’s tech world, data is the key to our most difficult problems — including those of climate change, social issues, and of the rising complexities of modern living. As a part of the movement to make advances in data science, we’d like to discuss some of […]

Six Companies with World-Changing Environmental Impact

More often in the media, you hear the term “climate crisis” than you do “climate change,” which reflects the increasing urgency to make social amends on our growing environmental impact. Just as much as our sustainable technologies are advancing, so is the risk of permanent damage to our ecosystems due to human development. The term […]

The Importance of Data Solutions for Entrepreneurs

In a world that is ever-increasingly reliant on Big Tech, we are all familiar with the importance of big data. Or, we at least think we are. There is an underlying consensus in the startup world that data solutions are necessary to drive innovation. But why? Echelon aims to explore these questions and help you […]

B Corp From The Beginning: How We Live, Work, and Lead With B-Corp Values

Echelon’s focus has always been on opening doorways to free thinking. By creating an ecosystem for our entrepreneurs to explore without fear of failure, we aim to help foster a more innovative future for our communities. However, none of that is possible without a deeply-rooted value set that encompasses care for people, the environment, and […]