Stanford News Highlights Sea Level Rise Study

Adrian Santiago Tate

(EVANSTON, WYOMING, August 6, 2021) A study co-led by HighTide CEO Adrian Santiago Tate on the impact of sea level rise has been highlighted by Stanford News after the findings were published in the journal Earth’s Future. The study titled “Rising Seas, Rising Inequities? Communities at Risk in the San Francisco Bay Area and Implications […]

Echelon Operating Company Featured in Bloomberg Article

Materials informatics company is highlighted for its  Artificial Intelligence Battery Solutions (EVANSTON, WYOMING, July 27, 2021) Cloud-based materials informatics company Aionics has been highlighted as a leading company utilizing Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to reduce emissions in a recent article by Bloomberg. Aionics, an operating company of Echelon, was featured as one of the company’s leading one of […]

Echelon Partners with Activate Leadership Council

Joel Moxley, Partner at Echelon Capital gets appointed to the Activate Leadership Council (EVANSTON, WYOMING, July 27, 2021) Activate Global Inc. today announced the appointment of Joel Moxley, Partner at Echelon Capital, as a member of the Activate Leadership Council (ALC). Activate is a U.S.-based nonprofit organization founded by entrepreneurs, scientists, and investors who believe science […]

Echelon CEO joins Business Executives for National Security

Kerri Faber to Join Non-Profit Think Tank Focused on Entrepreneurship and Government Policy (EVANSTON, WYOMING, July 26, 2021) We are proud to announce that Echelon CEO Kerri Faber will be joining the non-profit think tank Business Executives for National Security (BENS). Joining BENS will allow Kerri Faber to work closely with like-minded business executives and […]