About Us

Building companies in a world shaped by data and climate. 

Echelon Philosophy

Egos are checked at Echelon’s virtual door. We celebrate the daring failures as much as the triumphant successes.

We’re a team of optimists. Optimistic about the path ahead and the new generation of entrepreneurs that will carve it out.

We’re motivated by a future where carbon neutrality is not a stretch goal and where climate tech is not a nice-to-have or a box to check.

We have created a decentralized ecosystem that provides founders with a toolkit of resources – operating, network, data science, as well as a financial toolkit. All this, in a culture that values the style and flair of being different from the mainstream and respects the need to play by one’s own rules.

At the core of Echelon’s company building engine is the adoption of nonzero values.

We reject zero-sum thinking to lift up those around us.

Certified B-Corporation Pending

We have proudly joined a growing group of companies reinventing business by pursuing purpose and using the power of business as a force for good. This means we are on the path to meet the rigorous standards on social and environmental impact, accountability and company transparency. 

We are committed to our goal of solving hard problems in data and climate, give back to the communities in which we live and work, and operate under our nonzero values by rejecting zero-sum thinking to lift those up around us. 


Echelon is being built on the foundation of our strong core values, rejecting zero-sum thinking to lift those up around us. Choosing independent thinkers who strive to close the gap between our world today, and what we want for future generations. Echelon values these exceptional people and is intentionally structured to protect their freedom.

Kerri Faber, Echelon

Our team

Meet our expert team members that are dedicated to the success of our operating and portfolio companies.

Kerri Faber

CEO, Echelon

Dr. Austin Sendek

CEO, Aionics

David McColl

Founder, Shoreline Capital

Cody Bateman

CEO, State Bank

Adrian Santiago Tate

CEO, HighTide

Kezia Badulid

Operations Manager, Echelon

Jason Vandeventer

Director, Software Engineering and Data Science, Echelon DS

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